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We are dedicated to finding the best way to help you optimize your mobile acquisition strategy through Artificial Intelligence.

Expand your mobile business globally with 100% data-driven ROI-oriented acquisition campaigns.

Our Values


Drive mobile engagement to acquire high-quality users, at scale and at a better cost. More than installs, we provide engaged app users.


We work in full transparency with our clients in order to prevent Fraud.


We take care of every step of your mobile campaigns : technical set-up, A/B test, Fraud detection, optimizations...


We are dedicated to empowering our partners with sophisticated algorithms that make it simple for agencies and brands to connect with target audiences .

How do we tackle fraud ?

  • Algorithms
  • Auto Detection
  • Auto Filtering
  • Auto Blacklisting

At Mob' Deep, we have our own proprietary technology that allows you on one hand to benefit from AI-driven campaign optimizations, and on the other hand, to avoid fraudulent installs.

Our AI gathers signals and data from the traffic, and analyzes whether it is fraudulent or not (incentive traffic, spamming...). Thanks to Deep Learning, our technology manages to detect fraudulent installs upstream.

While automatically optimizing your campaign with the first signals and datas collected, our AI filters the suspected fraudsters in real time, and alerts your account manager.

Every single fraud source is automatically banned from your campaigns, and is added to our blacklist.

Ready to acquire high value app users ?